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Effective Drainage Pest Control

Discovering that you have rats inside of your drainage system can be distressing. Rats can also bring many problems to your home or business. Rats in your drainage system can create drain clogs and backups. It is essential to eradicate the problem by preventing rats from getting into your drains in the first place. You may not visibly see the rats, however, if you ever notice signs of rat droppings, chewed paper, and electrical wiring, noises and thumps inside of the walls or drains, there is a high possibility that your home or business has rats.

You can block the rats from entering from the sewer with a device known as a non-return valve, also known as rat flaps or rat blockers. The Rat Blocker is an environmentally friendly system designed specifically to prevent rats from entering houses and commercial buildings through the drainage system and sewer pipes. It is a stainless-steel flap that attaches to the sewer drain. The valve has a flap on the end which allows the wastewater to pass under the valve but locks in place on the other side to prevent rats from entering through the valve from the other side. By installing the Rat Blocker, the pipes are also protected from damage caused by rats. Rats that are already inside the drainage pipes or sewer system can get out without a problem but cannot return into the system.

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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats Fast

Ecoflow has a lot of experience diagnosing, treating, repairing, and replacing a wide variety of drainage issues, including the operation of CCTV Drain surveys that can pinpoint a wide variety of problems, including rats. We work with equally professional and thorough pest control professionals to fight against invasive rodents or insects.

To stop rats from getting into your drains you must make sure that there are no points of entry. These can be cracks, dropped joints, openings around the discharge stack or holes in the pipework. To determine if there is any damage, a CCTV camera is used to survey the internal drainage system. Apart from not being able to easily access drains, it can also be difficult to find the rodents, who will likely run away if they hear or see human beings in their dwelling. Thankfully, there are ways in which a drainage professional can do a full scan of your underground drains to look for evidence of rats.

A CCTV Drain Survey is a method that can use video technology to probe your drains and look for rats. Having a drain survey performed is always a good method since this will bring the condition of the drainage system into full view. Alternatively, a CCTV survey can also be used to identify virtually anything that is inside of a drainage system, including rats. This process will bring to light all of the possible drainage issues that can come with the presence of rats. Rodents will usually find a way into a home through broken or burst pipes, which with a CCTV survey, can diagnose the presence of rats in the drainage system and locate areas of drainage that need to be fixed. If discovered, these points must all be repaired/ sealed.

CCTV Drain Survey Eqiupment

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