Pitch Fibre Specialists

Many drains in properties up until the 1970s were made using a pitch fibre technique. After this period of time, it is often found that the pitch fibre has blistered and deformed therefore causing the diameter of the run to decrease and blockages to occur.

Ecoflow engineers have the knowledge and technology to deal with all pitch fibre pipes. We have the equipment to re-round the pipes and remove the blisters saving time and expense on excavation.

This method ensures that minimum disruption is caused and the pipes can be returned to good as new.

If your property has pitch fibre drains that are starting to cause problems, call us today for a free estimate.

What can you do?

If you have a problem then we would initially conduct a CCTV survey to understand in detail the extent of the damage. Depending on the CCTV results we would recommend a couple of solutions:

  • Excavate and replace with new plastic pipework but we prefer to do this only where the pipe cannot be sorted using the no-dig repair solution.
  • Ideally we would undertake a no-dig repair as this is quicker and cheaper. Also known as a CIPP repair (Cure In Place Piping) this option involves specialist re-rounding of the existing pitch fibre line to remove any blisters or deformities. This is then followed by the insertion of a liner, which, when impregnated with epoxy resin, hardens to provide a new, structurally sound line inside the pitch fibre line.

Each option has it’s benefits and sometimes a partial excavation is required where there are junctions but these requirements are fully clarified using the CCTV survey.

CCTV Drain Survey Eqiupment

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