What are Soakaways

Soakaways are mainly installed as a solution to standing surface water. This can happen from heavy rain, with the areas around your property, such as your garden or drive not draining during these conditions. The soakaway consists of a large hole or pit that receives surface water from a drainage pipe and helps the water to slowly percolate through the soil, reducing the risk of flooding and improving the stability of the ground.

Here at EcoFlow, not only do we install your Soakway, we can also maintain them too. Give us a call today if your Soakaway needs servicing.

Do I need a Soakaway

You typically need a soakaway if you have areas on your property that are waterlogged or have standing water building up against walls. Installing drainage to remove surface water prevents short and long term water damage and damp to your buildings.

If you are using hard landscaping in your garden or building a driveway it is advisable to ensure that surface water is dealt with as part of the project. It’s a common mistake to direct water into the existing sewers and onto the effluent treatment systems.

A soakaway provides a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) which complies with this regulation. You should also read the building regulations on dealing with surface water at source instead of directing into existing sewer systems.

When you have drained the water from the ground you will want to direct it into the rainwater drain system of the mains drains or into a soakaway, but not into a foul water system. You should not direct rain water into a cess pit or septic tank.

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