A split drain pipe with roots growing through the middle

What is it for and when is it needed?

One of the most common causes of damage to drains is ingress by tree roots. Roots damage pipes in a number of ways, and can cause blocked drains. Removing tree roots in drains is usually the easiest and most cost-effective way to address this problem.

Trees can cause major damage to drain pipes with their large root radius. It is important to deal with root ingress problems as soon as possible, as they can quickly get worse. If left to grow they can damage pipe joints and that can lead to the entire pipe needing excavation.

If caught quickly, such problems can usually be addressed efficiently and cost-effectively with root cutting.

Roots from nearby plants can grow inside the joints that connect pipes together or find small cracks through which to enter the pipe and grow.

Ensuring the correct solution for a root ingress problem is applied

Roots can be removed using standard high-pressure water jetting units but in order to restore the full bore of a system, specialist jetting heads and attachments are required. Flail jets have chains at the rear, which spin around, chopping at the roots as they go, and there are attachments that have forward facing cutting heads that rotate with the pressure of water being pumped through them.

There are also specialist high pressure water jetting cutting rigs that are so powerful they will cut out concrete, masonry and intruding pipe work from a system. The same bit of kit can be used for root cutting in pipe work from 150mm in diameter and above, they are particularly handy for cutting through stubborn tap roots.

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